Open-mindedness, the long march

Voir en français : Ouverture des esprits, la longue marche

Here is a modest, clever and spectacular contribution to the opening of minds.

In the course (2016) of this (42-minute) BBC program (Global philosopher), Michael Sandel (Harvard) asks 60 educated young people from 30 countries to speak out on various climate change issues.

Technically, it is difficult to do better.

As for the content, it is exemplary (there is a debate) and educational (presentation of the problem and of some ideas).

However, do not expect anything in terms of action (we are not here for that)… The professional philosopher concludes with a pro domo plea: let’s keep thinking!

So why should we care about this little media masterpiece?

Perhaps you prefer to denounce its vacuity? Or to see it as just another manifestation of the Society of the spectacle?

If you are an activist, why not?

But, if you are interested in the long term, be aware that such a comment is valid for all forms of debate: they can only contribute to open-mindedness, a multisecular task if there is one.

All forms of debate…
  • Preparatory surveys for company projects.
  • Legislative and non-legislative assemblies.
  • Opinion polls.
  • Great media debates in the run-up to elections.
  • Institutional consultations (referendums or, in France yesterday, the Citizens’ Convention on Climate Change and, tomorrow, the Estates General on Justice).
  • Certain existing (UN) or planned international bodies (world citizen’s parliament).

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