The Great Fire of Notre-Dame

width=My wife and I are quite surprised to see how moving is such an event for us.

The tender memories we have inside and around Notre-Dame are not enough to explain that emotion. More than personal,  it’s a collective one, shared by Parisian, French, Christian, European, Occidental people. We have received mails from all over the world.

It has to do with the historical and the symbolic charge of such a monument but also to the fact that, from everywhere in the world everyone saw the spectacular burning of a common house .

A common house was burning yesterday night, as an evocation of all the destroyed common houses, including the recent killing spree in New Zealand Christchurch’s mosques.

Happily it was an accident that caused this 4/15 catastrophe, not a combination of wills to destroy as in 9/11, that open door to hell, but there is a common factor between the two catastrophes: Notre-Dame de Paris has been ruined by a miscalculated maintenance program. I believe we will soon discover how they foolishly spared money on some security measures.

The great fire of Notre-Dame will not trigger a war.
I would like it to trigger more shared concern for the Commons.


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