Vilnius 2023 NATO Summit & France’s 14th of July

Macron’s France has placed itself under the aegis of the United States in order to preserve its national niche as the third largest arms dealer (11% of the world market) behind the USA (40%) and Russia (16%).

This subjugation may seem validated by the contract signed with Narendra Modi’s India: 26 Rafales Marine (Dassault Aviation) and 3 Scorpène submarines (Naval Group), but it’s no more than a consolation prize after the termination (decided by Washington and London) in September 2021 of the contract with Australia (12 submarines).

The Americans won’t take offence at this modest compensation, because by so doing France’s share is encroaching on Russia’s and, at the same time, this vain country becomes more attached to NATO.

As for Macron, he looks like aiming at the common good (no waves in Europe, France’s rearmament facilitated by its sales, with a additional chance to rebalance the game with the Germany of tomorrow).

As for the fate of Kiev, it is sacrificial. Each NATO member undertakes to deliver to Kiev, once it will be defeated, the stock of its discarded weapons. This is only fair, since Zelensky’s Ukraine is not going to pay anyway

Some will say that it was all for nothing. No, it’s not because the declarations of support for Kiev (with the help of new arms contracts for OTAN members only) are a good pretext to lock in the allegiance of Western and Northern Europe to Washington.

Yes, both maximum and limit, Vilnius 2023 is indeed a summit, but representative of the homo sapiens who run us!


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